Tandems are the most popular choice to introduce you to freefall without a training programme. After only a few minutes of instruction, you are ready to do a tandem jump. Your instructor will do all the work. Your job is to have fun!!!

Your instructor will guide you through all the steps: you will enjoy a 20 minute scenic plane ride up to the height of 11,000 ft above ground level – connected to your instructor the entire time.

READY, SET, GO:  you will exit the aircraft attached by harness to your instructor. Then plunge into the rush of a 40 second freefall, reaching speeds up to 200 km/h before your parachute is deployed.

Once your Instructor has opened your parachute at 5,000 ft you will begin a 10 minute parachute ride with time to take in the spectacular view of Pretoria city while your Instructor steers you safely back to earth.

Skydive Pretoria boasts South Africa’s best freefall photographers, who will capture the entire experience on digital cameras, to be edited onto a video for you. You will receive your video via an email with the links to the video and photos.

Safety is our Number 1 Priority! In order to make a tandem skydive, please check that you meet the requirements.

Booking requirements:

  • Weight limit: Gents 100 kg and ladies recommendation of less than 85 kg (due to the height/weight ratio and the fit of the harness. We decide case to case)
  • 16 years and older
  • You book your arrival time. Please allow +/- 3 hrs of the whole experience. We are weather dependant, bring a picnic blanket and visit our tuck shop.




 Tandem skydiveTandem skydive with media package (video and photos)
Main operation: Sat, Sun and public holidaysR 2 370 per personR 3 270 per person
Outside main operation: Mon - Fri
One week’s notice required
1 person jumpingR 5 970 per person
Group of 2-3R 5 145 per person
Group of 4-5 R 4 350 per person
Group of 6 and moreR 3 270 per person


Facebook: @skydivepretoriasa and Insta: skydivepretoria

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When you purchase the camera package, it comes with one edited video and 50–70 photographs of your experience.

Your media package is edited and sent to you via email on the day of your skydive!

Our professional videographer captures your entire skydiving experience from an outside perspective, through the eyes of a third person.

During freefall they come so close to you that you could hold their hands. This ensures that they capture all of your reactions, while still being able to capture the view and those great exit shots as you leave the aircraft. It gives you a real sense of just how big the sky actually is.

The videographer isn’t able to stay with you once your parachute opens, but they will be waiting on the ground to film you and your instructor’s landing and of course your reaction when you are safely back on the ground.