AFF – accelerated learning in Freefall

Accelerated learning in Free Fall (AFF) is the most successful skydive teaching programme available worldwide. Amongst many reasons: it focuses on personal one-on-one tuition on the ground and in the sky.

AFF is operated at Skydive Pretoria on a pre-booked basis in order to provide students with a professional and personalised service.

To participate you will attend a ground school training of approx 6-7 hours that includes practical drills and exercises to prepare for the jumps. It will always be the responsibility and the prerogative of your course instructor to assess your readiness to begin the skydiving.

We host our ground school on a Saturday morning at 06:45 or alternatively on a Friday afternoon, should you be available.



Send us a WhatsApp at 081 499 5739 or alternatively an email at info@skydivepretoria.com



Jumpers are 16 years or older.

Female jumpers are under 85kg and/or all male jumpers are under 95kg.

  • AFF classes will take place regardless of weather conditions. Plan to arrive at the dz to start at 06H45 on the day of your first jump, unless otherwise instructed and expect to be around 17H00.
  • No open shoes. Sneakers or running shoes required for jump.


 Ground School & Level 1LEVEL 2&3LEVEL 4-7LEVEL 8-10ALL LEVELS(Total price)
Main operation: Sat, Sun and public holidaysR 3 425 per person R 2 555 per person per levelR 1 640 per person per levelR 600 per person per levelR 16 895 per person per level

All prices include rental of the necessary equipment for your jumps.

Video footage is available on request for levels 1 to 7 at an additional cost.


 Start MondayStart TuesdayStart WednesdayStart Thursday
Weekday Course, completing in 4 days, Levels 1 to 10R 44 895R 35 295R 29 695R 29 695


All prices include rental of the necessary equipment for your jumps.

Video footage is available on request for levels 1 to 7 at an additional cost.


When starting the AFF programme we recommend that you commit to complete the programme within 2 to 8 weeks. There are a number of reasons for this: efficiency of learning and safety.


The aim of the AFF programme is for you to be considered a safe and independent skydiver.


The AFF programme is a course of 10 levels over approximately 10-12 jumps. The first 3 levels are completed under the direct supervision of 2 instructors, with the balance handled by one instructor.

Before each jump you will be briefed by your instructor on the requirements of the particular dive and you will spend time practising the exit, sequence, hand signals and pull drills.

After the dive, time will be spent with your instructor(s) de-briefing and filling out your logbook. Thus instruction occurs one-on-one pre, during and post the skydive.

READY, SET, GO – Let’s go skydive


Once you have completed the AFF programme you will be required to do 2 conversion jumps on club gear on a slightly smaller parachute. Then, the best thing is to start the Intermediate Skills Programme (ISPs) as laid out by our association immediately. The Programme, in which you will get one on one coaching, will teach you some more advanced skills to manoeuvre in the sky as well as under the canopy.

Applying for your A license:

  • completed all 7 levels of the ISP
  • received a packing instruction and
  • complete A license test on the association manual of procedures



Buying your own gear


What equipment do I need to start skydiving?

None of your own. Our club provides all the equipment you will need while you are a student. Once you progress off student status you will need to consider buying your own equipment.

How much will that the equipment cost me?

This is an extremely rough guide. Before you buy any equipment speak to your instructors at the DZ: You can buy good used equipment for around R10,000 – this will include a harness, a main parachute, and a reserve parachute but not an AAD. An AAD will price between R2000 and R16000 depending on its age. A helmet will cost between R1500 and R4500, and altimeter in the range of R800 – R1200 and jump suit between R1000 and R3000