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Tandem skydiving is undoubtedly the safest and most convenient way to experience skydiving for the first time.
We have a team of highly professional and qualified tandem masters and camera flyers who take care of every aspect of your jump and provide you with a professional, safe Experience and a beautifully edited DVD of your entire Experience.

A tandem skydive does not give you a license to jump on your own. If you want to pursue the sport we recommend you consider the Accelerated Free-fall (AFF) course.

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After your briefing the tandem master will escort you to the aircraft. You will enjoy a scenic ride to 11,000 ft, where you will exit the aircraft securely strapped to your tandem master. Then plunge into the rush of a unforgettable free-fall Experience. At approximately 5,000 ft your tandem master will open the parachute and you begin a gentle decent while taking in the spectacular view before landing safely back at the club.

Accelerated Free-fall (AFF) is the modern, and most successful way to become and independent and safe skydiver. As a student you receive personal one-on-one tuition.
Your course starts with ground school followed by 10 levels of in-air instruction from our highly qualified AFF instructors.
AFF is operated on a pre-booked basis in order to provide students with a professional and personalised service.
For more information and booking please contact us

Accommodation options close to Pretoria Skydiving Club / Wonderboom Airport:

Beside putting up your tent, you might want to consider the below possibilities, all are within reasonable distance…

MORGENZON  Booking: Cell: (079) 895 8324 – Herma is the owner 0824418062

UKUTHULASPA   Cell: +27 79 708 1409 E-mail:  Gealle is the owner  and then lastly

EDELWEISS Physical Address: 325 Edelweiss Avenue, Magalieskruin, Pretoria (Tshwane)

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