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New Tandem Booking Request!

  • Weight: You MUST be within this weight limit (with clothing and sport shoes) and BMI (body mass index) limit or you will not be permitted to tandem skydive. These requirements are in place to ensure a safe, but thrilling skydive for you and our staff.

    Women: Weight: 90kg/198lbs or less BMI: maximum 27.5

    Men: Weight: 100kg/220.5lbs or less BMI: maximum 30.0

    Tip: We highly recommend checking your weight and BMI before you create your booking with us. Click here to be taken to an online BMI calculator to check it now.

  • Maximum passenger weight is 105 kg's for men. Ladies, depending on your fitness and height, we prefer that you weigh less than 85kg’s. Please be aware that we will request that you weigh yourself in front of us should we feel that your weight is a concern. You will forfeit all payments if you exceed our weight limit.

    You are responsible for ensuring that you are fit and healthy enough to complete the tandem jump, and you must be able to lift both your legs simultaneously for landing purposes. You must disclose all and any health issues that could potentially be a concern, prior to your booking. We require a minimum weight of 43kg to complete a tandem. Children should be of the age of 12 years and older.

    For the Camera option we have 2 options :

    With DVD package or With Deluxe package (see brief description below)

    1. Standard package: 1 x Tandem Jump – no footage. R1850.00 per person per jump.
    2. DVD package: 1 x Tandem jump with Footage (DVD and photographs) : R2570.00 per person per jump. A camera person will accompany you on the jump and take both Video footage and still photographs of the event.
    3. Deluxe package : R2750.00 per person per jump. 1 x Tandem Jump with DVD package as above, plus, tandem master also taking video footage. Camera person accompany you to take footage. Do note that once the tandem master opens his parachute, the camera person can no longer stay with you – he will land and prepare to take footage of your landing. For the Deluxe package, the Tandem master will add a camera to his wrist, taking footage of the event, including the time period under canopy.

    And we have the following choices for them after the jump with regards to the video: Waiting for the DVD, collecting it later, or, they can receive a link from us to download the footage from the internet link that we will forward to them

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